Safe Sisterhood

circle of hands_123rf_7222706_sLarge groups of women can be scary. Large-ish groups too. I must admit that the competitive dynamic, the judgey vibe, and the possibility of being ganged up on kept me odd woman out for much of my life.

Connecting one-on-one was never an issue but in groups I found myself to hiding out, wearing a mask, not sharing my true self and being completely self-conscious. SO WEIRD. If I could connect with one, why couldn’t I connect in a crowd?

Many women I know feel the same.

I have always held the vision that Safe Sisterhood is possible—that women can connect, be heard and seen, be vulnerable, and feel safe at the same time. Safe in our connection to not only ourselves, but safe with other women witnessing and holding our unfolding. I’m talking true conscious connection between women–the kind of connection that is created when we give up the cattiness and competition that holds us separate and instead come together as a collaborative collective.

When I originally moved to Boulder in 1998 I found a group of women who helped me prove the power of Safe Sisterhood. There were eight of us in all and we would meet monthly at each others houses to share, laugh, cry, eat, spiritually connect and as a result grow as individuals and as a collective.

We were sisters in spirit and heart. We walked our paths together and although quite different, we were the same. We were held and cared for, loved and witnessed. We were big, and powerful, and real, and vulnerable. We were able to be weak, and imperfect, and crazy, and small. We were courageous at the same time we were scared. We were supported and cherished in it all. We were seen and honored for who we were and for the unique light we shined.

This is the power of Safe Sisterhood. It is sister driven. It is spirit driven. It is love driven.

Part of The SHINE Factor’s mission is to create opportunities for Safe Sisterhood. In that effort, we have created a MEETUP group dedicated to promoting authentic connection between women, women supporting women, and women being seen, heard and witnessed by their tribe.

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