Welcome to The SHINE Factor

Do you long for SAFE SISTERHOOD, ready to witness and be witnessed as you grow and come into your own?
Then you are ready for the fun and community of AUTHENTIC CONNECTION!

Are you UP TO BIG THINGS, ready to MANIFEST YOUR UNIQUE BRAND and make a difference in the world?
Then it is time to identify, accept and honor your SACRED PURPOSE–who you are, why you are here, and what specific gift you came to give!

Are you committed to being the BEST and BRIGHTEST YOU, devoted to your development and unfolding?
Then The SHINE Factor is the perfect place for you to nurture your SHINE!

The SHINE Factor is a community of women dedicated to:

~ Safe Sisterhood and Authentic Connection
~ Personal Growth and Unfolding
~ Living your Passion and Pursuing your Purpose

The SHINE Factor is a commitment to your own unfolding, being witness to others as they grow and come into their own, manifesting your unique brand of making a difference in the world, and the understanding that your SHINE is your gift. As you SHINE allowing yourself to be seen, heard and witnessed, you allow others to feel safe to do the same.

Your SHINE is your POWER. It is your SPIRIT. It comes from within and can be accessed at anytime.

Isn’t it time you factor yourself in?!

With love,

Kim Shannon